Bankers Hill Business Group Meeting on Thursday, February 27th, at Willis Allen Real Estate

General Meeting

Thursday, February 27th @ 5-7PM

Join the Bankers Hill Business Group on Thursday, February 27 from 5 to 7pm to prepare for this year’s Bankers Hill Art & Craft Beer Festival!

This month’s meeting is hosted by Josh Polanco at Willis Allen Real Estate, who can help you find the right home in the right neighborhood at the right price.

As always, drinks and appetizers will be served…


Willis Allen Real Estate – Metro Office
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Metro San Diego CDC Meeting Summary for February 10, 2020

The Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation met on February 10, 2020.  The following items were discussed:

1.  Susan Briggs made a presentation regarding the 8th Annual San Diego Half Marathon and Padres 5K Run, which will be held on March 15, 2020. The Metro San Diego CDC Board/Charter Committee unanimously voted to write a letter of support for the event;

2. Jake Sutton, the President of the Bankers Hill Business Group, provided an update about the upcoming Bankers Hill Arts & Craft Beer Festival, which will be held at The Abbey, at 2825 Fifth Avenue, on March 27, 2020. The annual Bankers Hill Arts & Craft Beer Festival is one of Bankers Hill’s signature events;

3. Concerns were raised regarding the increase in criminal activity in Bankers Hill and Five Points/Middletown. There has been an increase in vandalism and problems with homeless transients, which has created public safety concerns. Several attendees reported incidents of transients trespassing onto residential property, and attempts to gain access into residential units. Tyler Burch, representing the Third City Council District, emphasized the importance of reporting all criminal incidents, as the amount of criminal activity in a neighborhood is a factor in determining the amount of police resources assigned to it.

4. There was a discussion of Balboa Park issues; and concerns were raised about the new pre-fabricated restrooms which would be installed in Balboa Park adjacent to Sixth Avenue, at the intersections with Nutmeg Street and Thorn Street.  They will be replacing existing restrooms (“comfort stations”) at each location, which are now closed.  When the two restrooms were open, they were occupied at night by transients, who abused and often sold narcotics. The police were frequently called to these locations.  When restrooms are again opened at these sites, it was suggested they be locked at night, which once was done in the past.

5. Further discussion took pace regarding establishing a maintenance assessment district along the eastern commercial corridor of Bankers Hills. The Metro San Diego CDC Board of Directors approved the creation of the property owner formation committee for the proposed MAD, and appointed 11 property owners members, and one ex officio member, as the initial membership of the formation committee.  San Diego CDC will discuss proposed boundaries of the proposed MAD at its March 16, 2020 meeting.

Bankers Hill Business Group Meeting on Wednesday, January 28th: 5:00-7:00 p.m.

General Meeting

January 28 @ 5-7PM

Join the Bankers Hill Business Group on Tuesday, January 28 from 5 to 7 p.m. to learn about this year’s Bankers Hill Art & Craft Beer Festival!

This month’s meeting is hosted at Avante Garde Travel, a boutique travel planning company specializing in custom vacation planning, river and ocean cruising, escorted tours and luxury hotels.

As always, drinks and appetizers will be served…santé!


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Bankers Hill Business Group meeting held at Pure Project Balboa Park on September 26, 2019

The Bankers Hill Business Group had its September meeting at Pure Project Balboa Park, at 2865 Fifth Avenue. Pure Project is a tasting room for a small batch, ingredient-centric craft brewery and has some of the best tasting beer that you will ever experience.

About 30 were in attendance at the meeting, including business owners from throughout Bankers Hill. The below is a picture of Jake Sutton, Administrator of the Bankers Hill Business Group; Gerrie Trussel, Executive Director of the Uptown Community Parking District; and City Council Representative Tyler Burch, from Third District City Councilmember Chris Ward’s office.

Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation Board of Directors for 2019-2020

Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation

Board of Directors: 2019-2020

Bob Daniel (Hilco Real Estate; Chair/Western Slope Community Association);  

Beth Jaworski, (Past UCSD Researcher, University Height);

Jocelyn Lozier, (Property Manager, Manchester Fifth Avenue Financial Center; Manchester Financial Group);

Susan Jester (Public Relations & Media Director/ St. Paul’s Episcopal/Anglican Cathedral;  Co-Chair on the Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Council; California Advisory Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission);

Richard S. Ledford, Treasurer (President/ Ledford Enterprises; Palm Street Properties; St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services);

Bruce E.  Leidenberger, Secretary (President/ La Jolla Pacific Group);

Jennifer Pesqueira, Vice President, Five Points/Middletown (Owner/ El Indio Mexican Restaurant; Co-chair/Five Points/Middletown Business Association);

Kyle Schertzing (Associate Principle Architect, Safdie Rabines Architects)

B. Michael Seidel, President (Senior Partner/ E&D Ventures LTD; Co-chair, Bankers Hill/Park West Community Association);

Dr. Alan Spector (President/ Park Laurel HOA; Board of Directors/ Balboa Park Conservancy);

Jake Sutton (Financial Advisor/ Edward Jones; President/ Bankers Hill Business Group);

Sara Steinhoffer, Vice President, Bankers Hill/Park West (VP Government Relations/Sharp Health Care);

Easton Watmull (Asset Manager/ Greenwald Company; Director/ Uptown Hillcrest Gateway Council);

Next Metro San Diego CDC Meeting is on Monday, June 17, 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Just a reminder that the Metro San Diego CDC will meet on Monday, June 17th, from 4:00-5:30 p.m. The location will be the Manchester Financial Center 10th floor conference room, at 2550 Fifth Avenue. 

Easton Watumull, who represents the Hillcrest Gateway Council on the Metro San Diego CDC board, will provide an update regarding the status of the planning effort for the Hillcrest Gateway District. 

Below is an article about “road diets” and their impact on small business when street parking is removed.  As was discussed at a previous Metro San Diego CDC meeting, in Bankers Hill this type of adverse impact was prevented by incorporating a net increase of parking into the project, utilizing adjacent streets, as part of the 4th & 5th Avenue bikeway/mobility project. 

Leo Wilson


Metro San Diego CDC