Metro San Diego

Community Development Corporation

Board of Directors: 2018-2019


Bud Alessio (General Partner /FAFC, Inc.)

Bob Daniel (Hilco Real Estate; Chair/ Western Slope Community Association)

Beth Jaworski, (Past UCSD Researcher, University Height)

Alexandra Jamason, (Director of International Relations, Manchester Fifth Avenue Financial Center; Manchester Financial Group)

Susan Jester (Public Relations & Media Director/ St. Paul’s Episcopal/Anglican Cathedral;  Co-Chair on the Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Council; California Advisory Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission )

Richard S. Ledford, Treasurer (President/ Ledford Enterprises; Palm Street Properties; St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services)

Bruce E.  Leidenberger, Secretary (President/ La Jolla Pacific Group)

Jennifer Pesqueira, Vice President, Five Points/Middletown (Owner/ El Indio Mexican Restaurant; Co-chair/Five Points/Middletown Business Association)

Michael Seidel, President (Senior Partner/ E&D Ventures LTD; Co-chair, Bankers Hill/Park West Community Association)

Easton Watumull (Asset Manager/ Greenwald Company; Director/ Uptown Hillcrest Gateway Council)

Dr. Alan Spector (President/ Park Laurel HOA; Board of Directors/ Balboa Park Conservancy)

Jake Sutton (Financial Advisor/ Edward Jones; President/ Bankers Hill Business Group)

Sara Steinhoffer, Vice President, Bankers Hill/Park West (VP Government Relations/Sharp Health Care)

Glen Younger (CEO Grah Lock /Past President/ Hillcrest Business Association)




Affiliated Organizations

Bankers Hill Park West Community Association (BHPWCA)

The Bankers Hill/Park West Community Association (BHPWCA) was formed in 2004, and has played an active role in the betterment of the Bankers Hill/Park West Community, addressing such issues as obtaining additional parks, public facilities, as well as traffic calming and pedestrian safety:

1.) The BHPWCA facilitated the public review process for the West Maple Street Mini-Park (“Waldo Waterman Park”).  In 2006 & 2007, the BHPWCA worked with the City of San Diego’s Park & Recreation Department to design the future park, and hosted several public hearings about the proposed park.  The design of the park that is currently being constructed was the results of motions passed at a BHPWCA meeting on May 7, 2007;

2.) The BHPWCA has been involved for over a decade in advocating for the development of the Olive Street Park on a parcel of city owned land at Third Avenue and Olive Street, which will be named the “Woods McKee Park”.   The park site was deeded by the Woods-McKee family for a public park in 1908, but the city allowed a private business to lease it as a private parking lot. After years of continual effort, and critical support from investigative TV reporter Michael Turko, the City of San Diego has successfully obtained the right to re-take possession of the private parking lot and convert it into a public park.  In addition, the City of San Diego purchased an adjacent parcel of land so an even larger park can be created;

3.) In 2009, the BHPWCA organized a petition drive and obtained over 500 signatures in support of the installing stop signs at several locations on Fourth & Fifth Avenues between Laurel Street and Upas Street. The stop signs resulted in the accident rate on both streets being reduced by over 80%;

4.) Also in 2009, the BHPWCA held meetings at which streetscape design guidelines were adopted for the Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Avenue corridor of Bankers Hill/Park West. Two noted landscape architects prepared the guidelines;

5.) The BHPWCA actively took part in the community planning process to protect the integrity of the Airport Approach Overlay Zone (“AAOZ”); making sure new development was not allowed to intrude into or compromise the safety of the San Diego International Airport Flight Path.  Representatives from the BHPWCA actively participated in planning meetings for the Airport Land Use Plan update for San Diego International Airport;

6.) While protecting the AAOZ, the BHPWCA was favorable to new development in Bankers Hill/Park West, and when the Uptown Interim Height Limitation was adopted in 2009, supported building heights being allowed up to 150-feet under a discretionary review process.  Bankers Hill/Park West has been widely viewed, and often praised, as a “smart growth” success story because of its pragmatic approach to new development; which were the result of the land-use policies BHPWCA advocated, and had adopted, a decade ago;

5.) The BHPWCA also took a lead role in drafting the Hillcrest/Park West Promenade Plan, along with the Hillcrest Town Council and Hillcrest Business Association; the plan became the officially recognized alternative plan to the SANDAG Uptown Mobility Plan.  The SANDAG plan would have turned Fourth & Fifth Avenues into what amounted to a “bus freeway” – preventing the installation of stop signs or other pedestrian safety features in the interest of assuring faster bus travel.  After strong opposition, SANDAG Uptown Mobility Plan was withdrawn.  The Uptown Parking District, had been one of the main proponents of the SANDAG plan, which is one of the reasons Uptown community stakeholders subsequently requested it be disbanded and reorganized.

With the creation of the Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation (formerly Bankers Hill/Park West Community Development Corporation) in 2011, the BHPWCA ended its regular meeting schedule, as it would have resulted in hearing the same items at two meetings a month.  Instead the BHPWCA primarily communicates electronically, and schedules meetings on an ad hoc basis.

Contact: Leo Wilson,

The Bankers Hill Business Group (BHGB)

The Bankers Hill Business Group is an association open to businesses that are located in Bankers Hill. The goal is to promote and support area businesses located in the area bordered on the west by State Street; on the north by Upas Street; on the east by 6th Avenue; and on the south by Date Street. The BHBG has been the sponsoring organization behind very popular events such as The Taste of Bankers Hill and the Bankers Hill Arts & Craft Beer Festival.

Contact: Jake Sutton;

Western Slopes Community Association (WSCA)

The Western Slopes Community Association was formed in 2011 to serve as a voice for the neighborhood to understand the plans for changes to our neighborhood, to present neighborhood input to City Planners, and to be a general community voice for those with interest in the slopes area. WCSA’s Mission Statement is: The Western Slopes Community Association (WSCA) is a voluntary association of Mission Hills & Middletown Western Slope property owners, business owners and residents dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life for its members through providing an effective voice for any common issues, especially with any governing authorities that are considering issues that may affect the WSCA community.

Contact: Bob Daniel c/o Western Slopes Community Association, P. O. Box 81666, San Diego, CA 92138-6666