Project Update 7/20/2015

1.) Olive Street Park (“Woods-McKee Park”): In 2008, a potential community park site, referred to as the “Olive Street Park”, was identified through the efforts of local community members and KUSI news reporter Michael Turko. The land had been donated to the City of San Diego for parkland in 1909; however, in 1963 the City of San Diego granted an adjacent property owner to encroach on the property, who used it for a parking lot. In June 2013 the City Council terminated the revocable permit that had been used by the adjacent owner to build the parking lot on the 16,000 sq. ft. parcel of land. The parcel was then included with two additional parcels of adjacent vacant land in the proposed Woods McKee Park (named after the families that had donated the land in 1909 for the park, and who are still active today in the effort to finally develop a park on the site. The City is now moving forward with planning and designing a park on the Olive Street Park site; a hearing on a lawsuit filed by the owner of the medical office building will take place in December 2014. Hopefully the Woods-McKee Park will be built and dedicated by 2016.

2.) Enhanced Lighting on Fifth Avenue: Fifth Avenue in Bankers Hill is turning into one of the City of San Diego’s premier restaurant districts. However, one concern that business and property owners, and residents, have expressed is how dark Fifth Avenue is at night. The Metro San Diego CDC is now working to establish a lighting district to install enhanced lighting along Fifth Avenue from Laurel Street to Upas Street. The effort is drawing wide community support; with strong support from the major property owners along this section of Fifth Avenue. Representatives of the Metro San Diego CDC have already met with city staff, and will be scheduling a meeting of Fifth Avenue property owners to discuss the proposed project in the Fall of 2014. The focus of the project is to install and maintain additional street on Fifth Avenue, and do it in a manner that will minimize the costs of the project to the property owners. The lighting district may be expanded to include portions of Fifth Avenue south of Laurel Street in the future.

3.) Development of West Maple Canyon Park: On July 1, 1909, shortly after the Wright Brothers historic flight, Waldo Waterman, an early San Diego aviation pioneer, flew a glider plane over Maple Canyon from a canyon top location at the intersection of Albatross Street and Maple Street in Bankers Hill/Park West. A plaque now exists at the site of where the flight commenced. The City of San Diego, working with the Bankers Hill/Park West Community Association, approved a General Development Plan for a proposed park at the site, a 9,000 sq. ft. parcel of open space land dedicated to the City of San Diego for park use in 2007. Planning for the proposed park is moving forward, and hopefully the project will break ground by 2016.