Next Metro San Diego CDC Meeting is on September 11, 2017; Misc. Bankers Hill News

The next meeting of the Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation will be on September 11, 2017.  Below are two links to Uptown News stories about Bankers Hill, and a link to a KPBS story about the AIDS Memorial going into Olive Street Park.

Leo Wilson,


Metro San Diego CDC

‘Where’s Bankers Hill?’ – San Diego Uptown News

Still a hidden gem – San Diego Uptown News

Group Wants San Diego AIDS Memorial In Future Bankers Hill Park



Below is the Metro San Diego CDC letter in support of placing the AIDS Memorial in Olive Street Park  (“Woods McKee Park”)




536 Maple Street, No. 103

San Diego, California 92101

(619) 822-5103


October 27, 2016


Re:  Letter of Support for the AIDS Memorial Committee Recommendation to Place the San Diego AIDS Memorial In Olive Street Park:

Dear Uptown Planners:

On October 10th, AIDS Memorial Committee, chaired by Katherine Stuart Faulconer & Nicole Ramirez-Murray, made a presentation to the Metro San Diego CDC about creating a permanent memorial to those affected by HIV disease and AIDS in San Diego. A portion of the Olive Street Park site in Bankers Hill is currently under consideration for the location of the AIDS Memorial; The Metro San Diego CDC unanimously endorsed placing the AIDS Memorial at the Olive Street Park site on May 9, 2016.

The Metro San Diego CDC, and its predecessor the Bankers Hill/Park West Community Association, have spend the better part of a decade battling to establish the Olive Street Park, which will be named the “Woods-McKee Park”, after the family that donated the northern parcel of the future park to the city almost 100 years ago. The City of San Diego purchased the southern parcel of land that will be an additional part of the park several years ago.  The Metro San Diego CDC remains strongly in favor of placing the AIDS Memorial in Olive Street Park, and supports the AIDS Memorial Committee, the Mayor, and City Councilmember’s Gloria’s recommendations to place the AIDS Memorial at this location.

Sincerely yours,

B. Michael Seidel