Metro San Diego CDC Supports the Approval of the Truax House Tentative Map



536 Maple Street, No. 103

San Diego, California 92103

(619) 822-5103


May 16, 2017

Honorable Chair Stephen Haase and Members of the City of San Diego Planning Commission

220 C Street,

San Diego, California 92101


Letter of Support for Approval of the 2513 Union Street/ 540 West Laurel Tentative Map (“Truax House”):

Dear Chair Haase & Members of the Planning Commission:

This letter is written on behalf of the Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation (“Metro San Diego CDC”), whose membership is comprised of residential and commercial property owners and businesses representing over 19 full blocks of the Bankers Hill/Park West community.  The Metro San Diego CDC took an active role in early 2016 in seeking to preserve the historic Truax House, which at the time was threatened with sale and potential demolition.

A little over a year ago, on May 9, 2106, the board of directors of the Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation voted unanimously to write a letter of support for the proposal submitted by Soheil Nakhshab for the purchase and development of the Truax House property, located at the northeast corner of Union and Laurel Streets.  The project proposed by Nakhshab Development & Design will include the following features:

1.) The preservation and restoration of the historic Truax House, which played an important role in GLBT history during the early stages of the AIDS epidemic;

2.) Provides Bankers Hill with a potential community center and art gallery, as well as a possible home for a memorial to Dr. Brad Truax;

3.) Allow for potential public access easement into the Maple Canyon Open Space System, subject to the approval and agreement of adjacent hillside property owners;

Nakhshab Development & Design has followed through with its promise to preserve the Truax House, and had a historic report prepared for the site, which it used to have it historically designated.  Likewise, it has also moved forward with seeking the approval of a tentative map for the property at 2013 Union/540 West Laurel, which is before you on June 1, 2017.

The Metro San Diego CDC voted unanimously at its May 8, 2017 to strongly support the approval of the 2513 Union Street/540 West Laurel Tentative Map, and urges you to approve the tentative map at your June 1, 2017 meeting.

Sincerely yours,

Leo Wilson

Leo Wilson, Administrator

Metro San Diego CDC