Metro San Diego CDC Park Project Update Update: May 29, 2016

Hi Everyone:

A brief update concerning Balboa Park special event issues, and two future neighborhood parks planned in Bankers Hill/ Park West:

1.) Attached is a copy of the “Neighborhood Report of Noise and /or Loud Amplified Sound During Special Events on the West Mesa” complaint form for Balboa Park special events.  Loud noise and other related issues impact the eastern section of Bankers Hill. The West Mesa Subcommittee of the Balboa Park Committee is seeking to address this issue.  To do this, we need feedback and reports from affected Bankers Hill residents, and so are requesting they complete and return the attached form. The complaints forms will be shared with city park staff and special event organizers.

2.) Construction is about to begin on the West Maple Canyon Mini Park; attached is a rendition of the future neighborhood park.  It has been in the planning stage for almost 10 years.


The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project, West Maple Canyon Mini Park, is about to begin May 31st in your area (see attached map). The new park construction will include retaining walls, Fencing, paving, a new irrigation system, new lighting, Signage and ADA improvements. The historical monument will be protected in place along with the big tree to the SW of the lot. Construction will take 220 working days and performed by Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. The park will be beautifully landscaped and require 120 calendar days for plant Establishment.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Priscilla Endres

Project Assistant

City of San Diego

Public Works Department”

3.) On May 9, 2016, the Board of Directors of the Metro San Diego Community Development Corporation voted unanimously to support placing the San Diego AIDS Memorial in the future “Woods/McKee Park”, now know as the Olive Street Park.  The Woods/McKee family, who originally donated the land, and who spent many decades fighting have the their family’s donated land be made a park as intended; fully support the AIDS Memorial being placed in the new park.

“Hi Leo,

Your email about Dr. Truax was forwarded to me. One of the donors, my ggfather, Loren McKee, was a Methodist pastor. My grandfather Dempster McKee was Episcopalian as the family is today. Both those denominations have been on the forefront of inclusion and equal rights for the LGBTQ community. My grandfather Dempster openly opposed the Japanese interments during ww2 and represented Japanese Americans in lawsuits during that period despite the culture of bigotry.

I think placing that memorial at Woods McKee park would be fitting and certainly more than acceptable to my daughter and I, who are not the only remaining family members but are the last to carry the name McKee.

Michal McKee”

Have a good Memorial Day; lets not forget those who gave their tomorrows so that we could have today

Leo Wilson, Administrator

Metro San Diego CDC