PROWLER ALERT: Bankers Hill Prowler/Peeping Tom Last Seen at Fifth Avenue & Hawthorne Street

Below is a prowler alert regarding an an individual spotted around Fifth Avenue and Hawthorne Street.  Please be on alert, as this type of an individual will often continue this type of activity unless caught.

There also are reports of repeated trespassing and petty thief by transients throughout Bankers Hill; as well as abusive conduct towards Bankers Hill residents and businesses.  Several days ago I had to break up a fight between two transients taking place in the middle of Sixth Avenue. Most these actions go unreported because calls to the police are subject to holds that can last 45 minutes to over an hour.  Its an unsatisfactory situation, and needs to be effectively addressed.

Although it is hot, it is important to lock your doors, and do no leave your windows open unless they are secured.

Leo Wilson,

Metro San Diego CDC